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The Seventh day: Four Horseman

 The Seventh day: Four Horseman
Jillian Tett, an assistant editor of the Financial times, tells in her interview for “Four Horsemen” about the hollywoodization of our notions about everything including news. We imagine any news story as a show with the main character, culmination and dénouement. But in the case of the world financial crisis this doesn’t work. The crisis doesn’t have a character though it certainly feels like accusing the world banks in it, there wasn’t any culmination and it haven’t finished yet indeed. But the moral can be learnt from it – the system doesn’t work correctly. Director Ross Ashcroft also tried to give up the Hollywood methods in the “Four Horsemen”: no alarming episodes, no tragic off-screen voice, no scary stories bid fair to have the unhappy dénouement. His film resembles more a university lecture about what works incorrect and how to change it. "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education ", Mark Twain has said. The authors of “Four horsemen” believe the best way to change the current economic situation is to spoon-feed it to as many people as possible. To educate the masses. There are a consistent critic of capitalism Noam Chomsky and the Nobel laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz among the speaking heads. All they convincingly speak on the black theatre background. The explanations are accompanied with funny obvious animation. They talk about neocapitalism, fiat money, about the system doesn’t work. Hence all the troubles follow from here: greed of large corporations, poverty, terrorism and exhausted resources. These are those four horsemen headed in the title who as we remember betoken Apocalypse. It’s interesting the director himself as well as his respondents the most of whom are former traders from the Wall Street and former banks directors don’t have anything against capitalism. They only would like to see this capitalism somehow more human. Here it’s perhaps appropriate to say the author of the film has become a director because he couldn’t realize his childish dream to become a farmer. He is so truly angry as should be. Today any good documentary program consists of such films devoted to the questions of what is the way everything is organized and why is it organized so bad. Anyway the good news is that all this doesn’t mean we’ll all die soon. There’s a hope in the film the understanding is the liberation. Clever men will come and repair everything up. It’s in the case it is us who will take the action tomorrow.
16 октября в 19.00 в кинотеатре "Фитиль" - показ картины "Вещество". Интересно что против капитализма как сам режиссер, так и его респонденты, большинство которых составляют бывшие трейдеры Уолл Стрит и бывшие директора банков, ничего не имеют. Им просто хотелось бы, чтобы этот капитализм выглядел как-нибудь почеловечнее. Тут надо, может, сказать, что автор фильма пошел в режиссеры, потому что не смог осуществить мечту своего детства и стать фермером. Он такой правильный рассерженный, как надо.
The Seventh day: Four Horseman

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