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The Sixth day: Revenge of the electric car

 The Sixth day: Revenge of the electric car
In this film it gets clear right away what party it supports. Here is the Tesla Motors CEO Elan Musk reviewing a very secret ground where the new Tesla electric cars are kept. This is the first order, an extremely expensive and new car, but the company doesn’t have enough means and the cars can’t be sent to the clients. Musk looks very nervous. "And this is mine” – an off-screen voice pipes in all of a sudden. The camera suddenly turns and we see the director of the film Chris Paine. He’s very confused – and very happy. In 2006 Chris Paine has made the film “Who killed the electric car?” about the American car lobby has destroyed EV1, the first try of General Motors to create the electric car. The last EV1’s are solemnly rotting at the Detroit scrap yards but the story turned to be continued. The second film produced in 2011 is much more detailed than the first one. Firstly it doesn’t have a Michael Moore-like revealing message. And secondly in fact it turned to be not entirely about cars themselves. Id est it must be clear for everyone electric cars are good. Danny De Vito and the head of RHCP Anthony Kiedis are claiming that from the screen, Tim Robbins’ soft voice is murmuring about that, the groovy rock’n’roll soundtrack is devoted to that. Why do neither short battery life nor the lack of service stations nor a high price can’t prevent electric car from success was already explained by Paine in the previous film. Now it turns to be interesting to have a look at its rescuers. There are four of them. General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz with his customary cigar and charming slightly husky voice. One of the EV1 killers, he initiated the creation of Chevrolet Volt but that’s not enough for the general good credit and Paine somehow gloatingly over-delighted to observe Lutz’s retirement on a pension. Nissan Motors CEO Carlos Ghosn, a predator trimming his sails to the wind initiates the production of Nissan Leaf, the first mass and global electric car. This move is tried to be shown in the film as “neck or nothing” but in fact everyone who is somehow keen in electric cars knows he didn’t get “nothing”. Tesla Motors CEO Elan Musk has invested 180 million dollars he got from the sale of created by him PayPal service into creation of a really cool electric car. The car is good but the company business is bad and the largest part of the film we are watching Musk who has only 3 million left out of 180 million dollars trying to save face. That’s far not like starting up in Silicon Valley. Greg “Gadget” Abbott converts ordinary cars into electric ones right in his own garage. There’s GAS SUCKS written on the license plate of the do-it-yourself car. The opposites collide. Elan Musk gets nervous, Carlos Ghosn wearing poker face repulses the attack of unpleasant questions from the journalists in deliberately terrible English: future is as good as in our pocket and we are ready to it. Bob Lutz without letting the cigar out goes to beg money from Obama, Greg Abbot walks hither and thither around his garage. Here is Lutz and Musk caught up with the camera meeting at the car exhibition and coming together to see Nissan Leaf: maybe something will turn out successful, I even like it – Musk is mumbling. It’s very nervous here, the crisis is on the background and not everyone will pass to the future. But Chris Paine seems not to see it. Documenting he tries to build it up into some history of success. And he is getting on to some extent: Tesla reaps a bumper crop on the exchange and Obama examining Chevrolet Volt looks satisfied. Everybody drinks champagne and throws parties. Danny De Vito is dying of delight driving Volt: you won’t take it away of me, will you? The story seems to come to the end, and the end is happy, though in fact it hasn’t even started yet. Anyway this film by Chris Paine isn’t about an electric car at all but about the kinds of entrepreneurs there are: visioners, do-it-yourself makers, cunning businessmen and stuck in the past stagers. A story of any progress starting with the people believing they can change everything could be so.
15 октября в 20.30 в кинотеатре "Фитиль" показ картины "Реванш электромобиля". Фильм Криса Пайна и вовсе не про электромобиль, а про то, какие бывают предприниматели: визионеры, рукодельцы, хваткие бизнесмены и застрявшие в прошлом зубры. Такой могла бы быть история любого прогресса, который всегда начинается с того, кто верит, что может все изменить.
The Sixth day: Revenge of the electric car

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