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The Fifth day: Light bulb Conspiracy

 The Fifth day: Light bulb Conspiracy
This all has started with Markus’s from Barcelona broken printer. He has taken it to the maintenance service and was said there it would cost him three times more to repair it then to buy a new one. They told him to buy new. And that was the moment he understood this all was a conspiracy. He surfed the Internet and found some Russian skillful men who explained him what to do and now his printer would work forever. It’s one of the most popular conspiracy theory that manufacturers don’t produce anything durable on purpose to make us buy new goods all the time. And it even has some proofs. Actually it all started with a light bulb. In 1972 in California the bulb was found that had been lighting since 1901. This gave rise for conspiracy theories’ supporters to assert the light bulb life span is shortened on purpose. Some suspicious papers of bulb cartels were found and as a matter of fact the bulb invented by Edison used to run for 2500 hours, and the one we could find in the stores before the energy-efficient lamps appeared ran only for 1000 hours. But the bulb wasn’t the end of the story. It turned to be that the nylon stockings were invented as non-tearable, the cars were intended to be without tear and wear. But the names of those heroes who could produce really qualified goods have vanished in history. And today there are no fools any more and Apple produces IPads batteries with a short life span intentionally and the Third world countries, for example Ghana, are turning into enormous junkyards for disposable goods. Besides this film fertilizes our most cherished paranoia it also deals with the important subject of responsible consumption. It addresses not to a deceived consumer to open his eyes to the truth but to person who has power and choice. It’s in fact a general intonation of the festival and it’s quite hopeful admittedly. And still it’s a rather funny film. Here the centenary of light bulb is celebrated with a cake and choir of boys, here Nicole Fox writes Shakespeare-like sonnets to the short life of pocket flashlights, here poor Markus runs and runs about with his printer. This perhaps unpurposed happiness balances up the massage of truth which was easy to be pushed overmuch. But it’s just enough the way it is.
14 октября в 20.30 в Большой аудитории Политехнического музея - показ картины "Заговор вокруг лампочки". Все началось с того, что у Маркуса из Барселоны сломался принтер. Он понес его в сервис, в сервисе сказали, что ремонт обойдется в три раза дороже, чем новый. Велели покупать. И тут Маркус понял, что все это заговор. Нашел в интернете русских умельцев, которые объяснили ему, что делать, и теперь его принтер работает вечно.
The Fifth day: Light bulb Conspiracy

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