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The Second day: Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

 The Second day: Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview In 1995, during the making of his TV series “Triumph of the Nerds” about the birth of the PC, techno journalist Bob Cringely did an hour-long interview with Steve Jobs. Then the footage has been lost somewhere but not long ago it was miraculously found in the editor’s garage. This footage is valuable first of all because of its rarity: we know Jobs as a wonderful speaker but he demonstrated his skills to the public exclusively at the new Apple production presentations usually not spoiling his time at TV interviews. So the whole hour of Jobs speaking is a big event anyway. It’s also important the film catches the character far not at the top of his career. It was 10 years since Jobs had left Apple, the new NeXT computer turned to be too expensive for the market and now Jobs is occupied with designing educational applications quitting the number of the main market players. Nobody knows yet the Next is going to be sold to Apple in 18 months and 6 month later Steve Jobs will become the head of Apple again and lead it out from the state close to bankruptcy to the most expensive company in the world. There are lots of sweet apocryphal moments in Jobs’ biography like for example the one when he of 12 got William Hewlett on the phone, talked to him half an hour and then got a job in HP for a summer where he saw his first computer. Or the one when after constructing the system of free calls together with Stephen Wozniak he pretended to be Henry Kissinger and got the Pope on the phone (though he couldn’t talk to him anyway – he was given away with giggling). Or another one when he believed in graphic interface once and for all and made his engineers to construct the first mouse. Now all these are lingered over by plenty of biographers. But what is important for us is what he says: about technologies, about business and about future. Here we can already hear one of the main Jobs’ insights: the hardware isn’t half as much important as the software. He says what is the principle about computers for him is that they teach us to think. He foresees the fall of Microsoft because they “just don’t have taste”. And the most important – he gives the ground to his perfectionism. The people who think it’s enough to get a good idea to make a good product are sick, Jobs says. All the magic is in the process. It’s necessary to produce better products because we grow up using the better ones. Today we are growing with IPhones in our hands and MacBooks in our cases. And even if we don’t get better at least we have such an opportunity. We are used to think in the categories of companies but in fact what is clear from this interview it’s that the Apple was just one person. The person whose visions and charisma charms even within little TV portions.
Политехнический музей, 11 октября, 19.00. В Большой аудитории - показ картины "Стив Джобс. Потерянное интервью".  В 1995 техножурналист Роберт Кринджли взял часовое интервью у Стива Джобса для своего фильма "Триумф нердов" о рождении персонального компьютера. Затем фильм где-то потерялся, а недавно таким же чудесным образом нашелся в гараже монтажера. Ценность это записи прежде всего в редкости: мы знаем Джобса как великолепного оратора, но свое искусство он демонстрировал зрителю исключительно на презентациях новых продуктов Apple, не тратя времени на телевизионное интервью.  
The Second day: Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

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