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The first day: Surviving Progress

The first day: Surviving Progress
Ronald Wright's book «Short history of progress» this film is based upon isn't translated into Russian. But for example “Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human mind» by Gary Markus who acts as an expert here is. Markus writes: human mind is such an imperfect construction it requires to be improved constantly. Wright carries on with the idea: a human is such an imperfect construction it isn't worth of progress. The fact we have learnt to produce complicated toys doesn't mean we are able to use them. And quite the contrary: like overhunting has destroyed mammoths over progress will destroy everything living. The scale of generalization is exactly this: everything. Wright has written and now tells in the film about «traps of progress»: that is when overdevelopment of technologies in present destroys our rights for future. This reminds us of mammoths again. Technologies require resources. The states get into enormous debts paying off with the resources and in the end there’s only overconsumption and scorched earth left. It’s hard not to believe in this scorched earth, it’s shown too convincingly. We are used to take such warnings as mum's promise to give us back to the store we've heard as children: it's too scary to be truth. They have frightened us and enough of it: the end of the world didn't come the next day so we can have fun till the doomsday. But “Surviving progress” is really alarming film. And that's not irreversible run of progress that scares but the scale of future crash: we have united many civilizations into one and if we collapse we'll do it all together. And the crack of predicted crash can be heard so clearly you can't help starting. Directors have done their best: camera is switched from the skyscrapers over to mammoths, the story skips from the Maya Indians to the Third world countries debts, documentary footage is replaced by life-action one with a fat banker explaining to an African boy numbing with fear in his chair not to snivel but to pay interest. And the whole world is really comprehended here as far as possible: the way it’s done is worth seeing to debate later over the question if we have a chance now.
10 октября состоялось торжественное открытие Фестиваля актуального научного кино 360. Фестиваль открыла российская премьера фильма "Пережить прогресс", которую представил режиссер картины, Гарольд Крукс. Вашему вниманию - дневник Фестиваля, рецензия Лизы Биргер на картину "Пережить прогресс". 
The first day: Surviving Progress

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