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Director Vitaly Manski, the Festival Jury Chairman, awarded the film creators with the Grand Prix. The film by Raymond Joseph Teller (USA) tells about Tim Jenison, an inventor from Texas, seeking to understand one of the most complicated mysteries of history of art: how could Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter, create paintings so realistic? His research and the discovery he makes are astonishing. In order to find answers to his questions, Jenison travels through Holland, where Vermeer was creating his masterpieces, wonders around the Northern Coast of Yorkshire, meets painter David Hockney and comes to Buckingham Palace to see the works of the master. Tim's research and discovery seem fantastic, but still they find scientific support. 

The People's Choice Award went to the film Basement Satellite by Kim Hyoungju (South Korea), telling the story of an artist, who dreams of building a satellite and launching it up into space. The prize was awarded by the Ars Electronica festival director Martin Honzik.

The Special Jury Award was given to The Pirate Bay Away From The Keyboard film, dedicated to the creators of the world's largest torrent tracker.

Sleepless in New York got the Special Mention of the Jury. This is a story of the people going through the relationship breakup, whose brain activity is analysed so that to furnish insights into the biological aspects of the breakup. Members of the jury - director Ekaterina Eremenko and journalist Yury Saprykin were invited to award these "special" prizes. 

Andrey Egorov, CEO of the Festival co-organizing Open University Skolkovo, awarded the Student Jury prize to the Alive Inside film director Michael Rossato-Bennett. 

The Kapitsa Prize, also awarded within the festival, went to the Russian documentary Putorana Plateau People - visually stunning story of the pristine transpolar volcanic plateau, lying to the North of Norilsk. The Brainstorm Award was given to the 100-Year-Old Man: Rules of Life film, another Russian documentary about long-livers and methods of life extension. 

Картина «Вермеер Тима» о великой загадке живописи получила гран-при IV Фестиваля актуального научного кино 360°.
15 октября в московском клубе «Солянка» состоялось вручение призов лауреатам IV Международного фестиваля актуального научного кино 360°.

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