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Festival Diary. Day 2.

Festival Diary. Day 2.

October 9, 18.00-The Immortalists documentary will be screened at the Lomonosov MSU4 the film will be presented by the director, the founder of Structure Films (US) David Alvarado.This is the story of two eccentric scientists struggling to create eternal youth with medical breakthroughs in a world they call “blind to the tragedy of old age" - as they battle their own aging and suffer the losses of loved ones, their journeys toward life without end ultimately become personal.

Outstanding lightning and framing design makes the Immortalists belong both to art and documentary. The work has been presented at the number of top international festivals. This time the director is going to give a talk and a Q&A session.Screening and lecture admission is free.

This Thursday will be marked by a meeting with another outstanding documentary film maker as well: Kim Hyoungju (South Korea) will present his work Basement Satellite to the audience at 20.00, FK City. The independent film maker tells the story of an artist, who decides to build and launch a satellite on his own. He establishes the project OSSI (Open Source Satellite Initiative), the world’s first amateur project for satellite launch.At the discussion after the screening Hyoungju will speak about the way most daring dreams come true, about the film making process and the things needed to build and launch your own satellite.

The main premiere of the Festival 360˚, Alive Inside, will be screened and discussed with an expert on October 9 at 19.30 at the City FK cinema. The discussion will be conducted by the Science 2.0 program director Ilya Yakovlev. The film Alive Inside is a story of music's magnificent effects on human memory and the way Alzheimer's can be treated with retro songs.

9 октября на фестивале пройдет сразу две встречи с режиссерами-документалистами. В 18:00 в МГУ им. М. В. Ломоносова, после показа фильма «В поисках бессмертия» картину можно будет обсудить с ее режиссером — Дэвидом Альварадо. А в 20:00 в кинотеатре «Сити» южнокорейский режиссер Ким Юнжи представит публике ленту «Спутник из подвала» и расскажет том, как велись съемки и что нужно для строительства спутника.
Festival Diary. Day 2.

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