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AFO Festival Took Place in Olomouc

 AFO Festival Took Place in Olomouc

Olomouc, 15-20 April — The oldest European documentary film festival AFO (Academia Film Olomouc) was held in Czech Republic. 360° Festival team were guests of the event and participated in the professional program Industry4science.

This year AFO presented as much as 3 competition programs: International, National and Short Film contest. Organizers have also presented a number of out-of-competition programs, where directors and scientists discoursed on the role of women in science, space colonization, features of human memory and nature of insomnia.

One of the most spectacular events of the discussion program was a lecture of a well-known science communicator Lawrence Krauss on Science, Critical Thinking and Atheism.

Theoretical physicist Krauss travels around the world with popular scientific lectures on the origin of the Universe, which is the subject of the film Unbelievers by Gus Holwerda, also screened at the AFO festival.

360° Festival programming director Irina Belykh was one of the guest experts at the final pitching of the workshop for directors Camp4Science, where international teams presented a number of projects with good prospects of becoming documentary films of festival or TV format, complying with contemporary trends.

The International Competition programme presented 17 pictures, Markus Imhoof’s work More Than Honey (2012) was awarded as the best international documentary film. The winner of the National Competition was the film Whose is my child (2013) by Marek Duda and Radim Procházka.

Irina Belykh was also a member of the jury board of the Short Film contest, awarding the Slovak film Monthlies (2014) directed by Diana Fabianova as the winner.

360° Festival team together with the AFO organizers held a round-table discussion dedicated to science communication by the means of cinematography and the future prospects of collaboration between the two festivals, as well as creation of an international association of documentary film festivals.

C 15 по 20 апреля в чешском городе Оломуце прошел старейший фестиваль документального кино в Европе AFO (Academia Film Olomouc). Команда Фестиваля 360° стала гостями этого мероприятия и приняла участие в профессиональной программе Industry4science.
AFO Festival Took Place in Olomouc

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