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Virtual Life Project

 Virtual Life Project

Two films from 360° Festival program will be included in Virtual Life, collaborative special project of the Polytechnic Museum and 24_DOC TV-channel. A series of popular science films will explain how alter ego forms while using the Internet, principles of social networks functioning and changes of human thinking process due to the World Wide Web. Films Digital Nation, Erasing David, Terms and Conditions May Apply and Life 2.0 will be broadcasted till 27 April, you can also watch them on the channel’s website.


The first film of the project — Digital Nation — is available to watch on-line 23–27 April. It tells us how the web, digital mass media and social networks have changed life of a modern man. It will be broadcasted from 27 April.

Another film of Virtual Life, Erasing David, tells a story of David Bond from Great Britain reflecting on the amount of information about him that is available to the government and private companies in the web. According to the plot, David decides to disappear for 30 days with no explanation, having hired detectives to search for him in advance. Erasing David will be broadcasted by 24_DOC on April, 27, it will also be available via the channel’s website April, 25-30.


Terms and Conditions May Apply is a story of privacy being lost in virtual network. Users think they are aware of the consequences of clicking the “Accept” button on the websites of such web giants as Facebook and Google. But they are not. Terms and Conditions May Apply will be broadcasted 23, 27 April. You are invited to watch it on the 24_DOC 24-29 April.


The last film of the project is Life 2.0. Today hundreds of thousands of people around the world are playing Second Life game. That virtual reality enables you to create a character, then make a career or start relationship within a specially designed world — in other words, to live a “new” life as a new person. But only while onlineThe picture narrates the effects of such a passion and the details of the players’ real life that can be inferred from it. Life 2.0 will be available to watch on 24_DOC 24 and 26 April. You will be able to find the film on the website 23-28 April.

Два фильма из программы Фестиваля 360° войдут в совместный спецпроект Политехнического музея и телеканала 24_DOC «Виртуальная жизнь». В его рамках серия научно-популярных фильмов расскажет о том, как формируется второе «Я» в интернете, как работают социальные сети и что меняется в процессах человеческого мышления из-за существования Всемирной паутины.
Virtual Life Project

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