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Science Monday cinema club: The End of Time

 Science Monday cinema club: The End of Time

Monday, December 23 at 19:00 another Scientific Monday will take place at RIA Novosti, audience is going to see The End of Time (Switzerland, Canada, 2012) directed by Peter Mettler.

The notion of time is one of the fundamental concepts in our knowledge system. The ideas of time run through science, culture and daily routine. We rarely reflect on what is time and who has determined its reference point. Physicists exploring the nature of time using hadron collider in Switzerland, Hindus performing rites in accordance with the Vedic calendar — you will take a marvelous trip learning different concepts of time.

Is time actually infinite? Is it possible for past, present and future to exist in the same time? Why time is perceived in different ways? Does it stop in black holes? Could a second be weighed?

The discussion on the issue of the enigma of time will be held after the screening.

The End of Time won Environment Is Quality of Life award at the 65 Locarno Film Festival and was also nominated for the Golden Leopard award. The film participated in festivals in Canada and Switzerland.

Entrance is free and any interested person is invited to attend. Preliminary registration is required. If you are willing to attend the screening, please, follow the link, press the “I’ll go” button, fill the form and wait for two confirmation letters to come. You will need your passport to enter the RIA Novosti building.

Address: Zubovsky boulevard, 4, International multimedia press center (IMPC), Bolshoi Hall, Moscow.

В понедельник, 23 декабря, в 19.00 в РИА Новости пройдет ещё один «Научный понедельник», на котором зрители увидят фильм «Конец времени» (Швейцария, Канада, 2012) режиссера Петера Меттлера.
Science Monday cinema club: The End of Time

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