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A special show of CHASING ICE, a film by American director Jeff Orlowski, written by Mark Monroe, is the first event of the Science Monday club organized by the 360o Contemporary Science Film Festival in cooperation with RIA Novosti. This film nominated for the Academy Award in the Best Documentary category is dedicated to one of the main dangers posed by global warming – polar ice melting. The protagonist, James Balog, a National Geographic photographer, did not believe in global warming until he got an assignment from his magazine to travel to the Arctic Region and saw its consequences. In order to show the scope of the catastrophe to the public, he initiated a project that was simple at first sight, but turned out to be quite an ordeal. Nevertheless the photographer managed to collect some grave, yet fantastically beautiful evidence of the thousand-year ice disappearance. After the screening, the discussion of the film is going to take place. Lubov Strelnikova, Editor-in-Chief of the Chemistry and Life magazine, member of the Expert Board of the Polytechnical Museum, will act as a moderator. Science Monday is a new project by RIA Novosti incorporating multimedia, scientific and educational aspects organized in cooperation with the 360o Contemporary Science Film Festival and aimed at the popularization of modern science. Best Russian and foreign documentaries dedicated to science will be shown as part of the project. The demand of modern well-educated viewers for a new communication format will be satisfied, allowing them to participate in the dialogue and to advocate or oppose the film’s author. Apart from viewing topical and interesting films with subsequent discussion, the project will include lectures, debates and master classes with participation of film-makers as well as protagonists – scientists and explorers. The aim of the project is to unite people of various generations who share the ideas of continuous self-education and outlook broadening. Moreover, the project is aimed at promoting scientific journalism development. The event is free and can be attended by any interested person. In connection with a limited number of seats in the hall, please call (495) 645-64-72 (multichannel phone) to register or send a message to accreditation@rian.ru. To enter the Agency, you should have your passport with you.
Политехнический музей и РИА Новости объявили о старте совместного проекта – клуба «Научный понедельник». Первое мероприятие – показ документального фильма «Ускользающий лед» (CHASING ICE) американского режиссера Джефа Орловски по сценарию Марка Монро – состоялся 20 мая в Большом зале Пресс-центра РИА Новости.

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