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On February 15 in International multimedia RIA Novosti press-centre the awarding National awards ceremony in Public Relations development area was held. In the category “The best project in the area of scientific achievements and innovations” the Polytechnic Museum with the project “Contemporary science film festival 360°: a film festival as a way to gather people holding the same views and to reshape scientific content” became a prize winner. 114 communication campaigns, implemented in 2012, were evaluated by Expert Council members. More than 80 projects, included in short-lists of six from ten categories, were granted the right to public presentation in final tour. The award panel decided on the winners on the basis of their results. At the official awarding ceremony Ekaterina Khaustova, external communications manager of the Polytechnic Museum and Festival 360º producer noticed: “Contemporary science film festival is the part of the largest Polytechnic Museum modernization project which is developed by the whole Museum team. And we are glad to realize that the victory in this category proves that we are moving in the right direction”. When selecting films, which are demonstrated at the Festival, the coordinators follow the principle: “Don’t teach but involve into the dialogue”. The Museum doesn’t tend to give unequivocal answers to scientific cognition questions and to attract viewers’ attention. The audience at which the project is oriented includes visitors of various ages, from schoolchildren and families with children to students and representatives of business or scientific communities. Most films were awarded with prizes of the largest international festivals. In creation of most of them world-renowned scientists and outstanding contemporary filmmakers participated. Main themes of the films include analysis of scientific influence upon everyday life and changes in scientific idea development under the influence of society. The festival reveals not only the ways of communication with the visitors new but also new technologies of partners’ attraction: in 2012 co-organizers of the festival included Skolkovo Fund, Skolkovo Open University, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Moscow Department of Science, Industrial policy and Entrepreneurship. In cooperation with OAO ROSNANO the program “Nano” has been prepared for the festival. A series of film presentations for children, presented by German educating Da Vinci television channel was demonstrated. The festival was held on 11 Moscow platforms: the main platform in the Polytechnic museum, additional ones in key universities of the country, in Multimedia Art Moscow Museum in cinemas “Khudozhestvenny”, “Fakel” and “Fitil”. “Serebryany Luchnik” national award was instituted in 1997 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Union of Journalists of Russia and Russian Public Relations Association. It includes the system of regional contests which consists of “Serebryany Luchnik”-South, “Serebryany Luchnik”-Siberia, “Serebryany Luchnik”- the Far East, “Serebryany Luchnik”- the Volga region, “Serebryany Luchnik” – Samara, “Serebryany Luchnik” – Ural region. Since 2012 winners of “Serebryany Luchnik”-USA have been awarded.
15 февраля в Международном мультимедийном пресс-центре РИА Новости состоялась церемония награждения Национальной премии в области развития общественных связей «Серебряный Лучник». В номинации «Лучший проект в области научных достижений и инноваций» лауреатом стал Политехнический музей с проектом «Фестиваль актуального научного кино 360°: кинофестиваль как способ собрать единомышленников и придать новые формы научному содержанию».

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