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Moscow City Government


Фонд Сколково/Skolkovo Foundation

Skolkovo Foundation

The mission of the Skolkovo center for development and commercialization of advanced technologies’ Foundation is to form a favorable environment for reproduction and development of innovation processes on the territory of the Russian Federation. A self-reproducing system “man-knowledge” is being created in Skolkovo that will eliminate the gap between new knowledge aspects and ensure its expansion all over the world, as well as its usage for the benefit of the mankind. Special economic conditions will be available in the complex for the companies working in the priority branches of modernizing Russia’s economy: telecommunications and space, medical equipment, energy efficiency, information technology, as well as nuclear technology.

Site: http://www.sk.ru/

Открытый университет Сколково/Skolkovo Open University

Skolkovo Open University

Skolkovo Open University (SOU) is a system of spreading modern scientific and technological knowledge and competencies, as well as a mechanism for supporting a network of active and talented young people engaged in Skolkovo Innovation Center. The key processes of SOU are education and support of network interaction. SOU is a part of Skolkovo ecosystem: the source of prospective students for the future Skolkovo University (masters and postgraduate students), the source of interns for companies that are partners to Skolkovo, the source of projects for business incubators. SOU is not an educational establishment, does not issue diplomas confirming the completion of studies, and it is not attached to a certain location.

Site: http://www.sk.ru/opus


Департамент науки, промышленной политики и предпринимательства города Москвы/Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow

Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow (DSIPE of Moscow)

Department for science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow City is a specialized authority of the Moscow City executive branch performing the functions of developing and implementing state policy of Moscow City in the sphere of industrial, scientific, engineering and innovation activity, support and development of entrepreneurship, of creating a favorable investment climate, attracting and support of investment in the above-mentioned spheres of activity, development and identifying the ways of using the industrial zones of Moscow City, rendering state services.

Site: http://dnpp.mos.ru/



RVC is a government fund of funds and a development institute of the Russian Federation, one of Russia's key tools in building its own national innovation system. RVC aims to improve the competitiveness of the innovative sector of the country's economy globally. Its mission is to encourage Russia’s own VC industry and boost capital of VC funds. That is achieved primarily by creating most hospitable environment for the hi-tech sector.

Site: http://www.rusventure.ru/ru/



Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO Group) is a nonprofit institution, aimed to stimulate nanotechnology infrastructure building to support innovation in the country. It Is a part of the Russian system of development institutions (“Innovation Lift”).

Site: http://www.rusnano.com/

Всероссийский фестиваль науки NAUKA 0+ /All-Russia Science Festival NAUKA 0+

All-Russia Science Festival NAUKA 0+

NAUKA 0+ is the Russia’s main science festival. That large-scale event calls the modern man of any age to engage in scientific research and communicates fundamental knowledge. The festival establishes the dialogue between science and society, reveals the prospects of that cooperation, as well as gives new opportunities to the young scientists. In only three days of the science feast NAUKA 0+ embraces 70 cities in Russia, 7000 events and 2 000 000 visitors. Later, throughout the year it runs scheduled events in keeping with the principles of availability and importance of the science to everyone.

Site: http://www.festivalnauki.ru/

Русское географическое общество/Russian Geographical Society

Russian Geographical Society

Russian Geographical Society was established at the behest of Emperor Nikolas I in 1845. That is one of the oldest geographical societies in the world. It gathers experts in geography and allied scientific fields, as well as enthusiastic travelers , ecologists, philanthropists and everyone who is willing to learn Russia and is ready to help preserving its nature. The regional branches of the Society operate in every of the 85 federal subjects of Russia.

Site: http://www.rgo.ru/ru

Группа Магнезит/Magnezit


Magnezit Group is a reliable, effective and stable Russian Company. We have a serious international experience and recognition as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of high-class refractory products and its maintaining services.

Magnezit Group's production facilities are located in Russia, Germany, Slovakia and China. Due to the wide geographical coverage, the Group can provide all necessary refractory products to the regions with an intense development of the end-use industries. Today the Company is presented in the most promising and competitive markets. Our company provides the first-class solutions in the field of complete furnishing and maintenance of heating units.

Site: http://magnezit.ru/ru/

Группа «Интеррос»/Interros


Founded by Vladimir Potanin in 1990, the Interros Group is one of the largest private investment companies in Russia. Interros core activity is direct investment. Corporate governance is our guiding light in project implementation.

Site: http://www.interros.ru/

Петровакс Фарм/Petrovax Pharm

Petrovax Pharm

NPO Petrovax Pharm develops and produces innovative medicines and vaccines to help improve people’s health and quality of life. Our research efforts align the latest scientific discoveries with the needs of individuals.

Site: http://www.petrovax.ru/

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