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Майкл Россато-Беннет/Michael Rossato-Bennett

Michael Rossato-Bennett

Alive Inside

Michael Rossato-Bennett is the Writer, Director and Producer of ALIVE INSIDE – winner of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for U.S. Documentary – and through film he strives to incite conversations that interrogate issues related to cultural consciousness. In addition to ALIVE INSIDE, his first feature length offering, Rossato-Bennett has several documentaries in various stages of development, through his production company, Projector Media. Each of those projects is inspired by Michael’s dedication to the collective well being of society and progressive human change towards the greater, if not greatest, good.

Каарле Ахо/Kaarle Aho

Kaarle Aho

Love & Engineering

Kaarle Aho was born in Helsinki in 1968. He has a Master of Arts degree from history from the University of Helsinki and he is an EAVE-graduate 1999 and EURODOC-graduate 2004. After his studies in Helsinki and in Ireland he promoted Russian classical music in Finland and other Scandinavian countries. He joined Making Movies, a Helsinki based film production company, as a producer and shareholder in 1998. Since then he has produced three feature films, four TV-dramas and over 60 documentary films and programmes of which many have been screened in international festivals – including Black Ice by Petri Kotwica which was in official competition of Berlinale 2008. Kaarle Aho was selected in 2008– together with his business partner Kai Nordberg – as producers of the year in Finland by the Finnish film producers organisation.

Дэвид Альварадо/David Alvarado

David Alvarado

The Immortalist

David Alvarado is a New York based filmmaker interested in science, philosophy and future of civilization. After dropping out of high school and developing an accomplished career in criminal mischief, he switched career paths after realizing the power of film. He soon earned his G.E.D., moved up the ranks of community college and finally reached a university film school where he began to focus on documentary. Finally, in 2010 he completed his Masters of Fine Arts from Stanford University in Documentary Film and Video Production. David’s dream is to inspire audiences with emotionally driven stories about people who are at the intersection of where science meets society. At the spry young age of 29 years old, and soon to begin the aging process at his 30th birthday in March at SXSW, he is now ready to get to work.

Тодд Дуглас Миллер/Todd Douglas Miller

Todd Douglas Miller

Dinosaur 13

Todd Douglas Miller has been making films and short-form content for over a decade. His films include Gahanna Bill and Scaring the Fish. His short-form work has won numerous international and national awards. Todd Miller has been making films and short-form content for more than a decade. His films include Gahanna Bill and Scaring the Fish. His work with shorts has won numerous international and national awards, including CINE Golden Eagle, Telly, Aurora, and Axiem awards. Dinosaur 13 is his first feature-length documentary.

Саймон Клозе/Simon Klose

Simon Klose

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Simon Klose was born in Sweden in 1975. He holds a law degree from Stockholm University and has studied and lived extensively in Japan and South Africa. Klose has produced and directed a number of music videos and music documentaries. In 2006 he released the documentary short ’Sweet Memories Garden Centre’ about car thieves in South Africa opening up a garden centre in a township. At the moment Klose is working on an internet start up that let's filmmakers and film audiences enrich movies by integrating the web into films.

Мэтью Литар/Matthieu Lietaert

Matthieu Lietaert

Куратор программы InDocHouse

Doctor in political sciences, infographic and data visualization consultant, journalist and filmmaker. Co-author & co-director of the investigative film "The Brussels Business" (ARTE, RTBF, ORF, 2012) - Winner of the Best Belgian Press TV Documentary award 2013. Editor of the book "Webdoc. Survival Guide for Online Filmmakers" (Not So Crazy! 2011) et "Le Cohabitat. Reconstruisons des villages en ville" (Couleurs Livre, 2012).

Джастин Уэнштейн/Justin Weinstein

Justin Weinstein

An Honest Lier

Justin Weinstein is a Brooklyn-based former scientist whose documentary work spans feature films and broadcast journalism. He wrote and edited BEING ELMO: A Puppeteers Journey, which won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance (2011), and for which Weinstein and fellow writer/editor Philip Shane were nominated for The Humanitas Prize which honors "film & television writers whose work explores the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way." Prior to that, Weinstein produced numerous projects for ABC News, Peter Jennings Reporting and PBS, including "Hot Politics" for FRONTLINE and the ABC News Primetime special, "Last Days on Earth."

Хйонджу Ким/Kim Hyoungju

Kim Hyoungju

The Basement Satellite

After completing his undergraduate and graduate work at Korea National University of Arts, KIM built his career as a cinematographer. He worked on feature films Pruning the Grapevine (2006) She Came From (2010) A Reason to Live (2011) and the documentary film Talking Architect(2011) among others. The Basement Satellite is his first feature documentary film. He spent more than two and a half years to complete the film as director, cinematographer, editor and digital colorist.

Мария Жмайель/Maria Gemayel

Maria Gemayel

Born and raised in Lebanon, I started my career in Beirut after finishing my studies in multimedia. I have been living in Paris, France since 2009 where I am currently the client relations manager of Klynt, an editing and publishing application dedicated to interactive storytellers. I have already managed several Klynt workshops in various events such as the I-docs Symposium in Bristol, Webdocs weekend at the Center of Investigative Journalism in London and more recently at the Sheffield Doc/Fest.

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