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The idea of creating a science film festival emerged in the conditions of a globally observed process of rethinking the science’s space and role in the society. Some of the features of the process are::

  • Science begins a dialogue with the society while attracting a wider audience to join the learning process.  
  • National boundaries of scientific learning are being erased. International competition makes room for cooperation based on common research projects goals.
  • Attendance is growing at science museums, lectures and discussions. Viewership of science and educational TV channels is increasing.

These trends inspired the Polytechnic Museum to create the 360˚ Contemporary Science Film Festival.

We devise the 360˚ Festival as::

  • most interesting and contemporary films created in the world over the last 2 years way
  • of finding new ideas and forms of expression of scientific thoughts and research processes through the language of motion pictures
  • a possibility to take a look at scientific facts from any angle including from their social importance point of view a venue for dialogue between science, art and society

The 360˚ Festival audience:

  • students, active young people open to learning and exploring everything new
  • professional associations of scientists and documentary filmmakers

The 360˚Festival program:

  • contemporary documentary films about scientific ideas and research that carry a social element and have bold auteur style
  • lectures, discussions and master-classes with filmmakers and actual film characters: scientists, explorers and innovators.
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