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Гарольд Крукс/Harold Crooks Harold Crooks

Harold Crooks is an author and writer/producer who produced a number of award-winning and acclaimed documentary films. He is a recipient of a Genie Award of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television; a Gold Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival; a Leo Award for Best Screenwriter [Documentary] of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foundation of B.C.; a National Documentary Film Award [Best Writing Category] at 1996 Hot Docs !; a Writers Guild of Canada Top Ten Awards finalist; a Commonwealth Fellowship, India; and a Fund for Investigative Journalism [Washington, DC] travel grant. At the Contemporary science film festival 360° he represents the film “Surviving progress”.

Мартин Витц /Martin Witz Martin Witz

He is known as a screen-writer of live-action films who later turned to documentary cinema writing nonfiction films “Noel Field – Der erfundene Spion” (1997) and “Von Werra” (2002) by Werner Schweizer. Has worked as an editor and sound recordist, produced documentaries for the Arte TV channel such as “Malaria” (2002) and “Dutti der Riese” (2007). At the Contemporary science film festival 360° he represents the film “Substance”.

Виктор Косаковский/Viktor Kosakovsky Viktor Kosakovsky

Documentary film director. Born on July 19, 1961 in Leningrad. Since 1978 he worked at the Leningrad studio of Documentaries as assistant cameraman, assistant director and editor. In 1988 he finished the Higher Courses of Film Writers and Directors in Moscow. Laureate of the "Triumph" Prize, Laureate of the RF State Award and the "Nika" prize. Award-winner of numerous national and international film forums. He started his own production company, Kossakovsky Film Production, based in San Petersburg, to create a cinema with a strong focus in poetics and reality.

Венсан Лами/Vincent Lami Vincent Lami

Economist, member of Association Science and Television, the main representative of the Pariscience International Science Film Festival held in Paris. Watching more than a hundred films a year, he is a real professional in the sphere of science films and film festivals held in Europe and beyond its borders. He is also the author of several music videos, printed publications, museum programs, documentaries and a television magazine “C’est Pas Sorcier” (Nothing magical) that has been going on air in 26-minute series 5 days a week on France 3 channel for 15 years already.

Вера Кричевская/Vera Krichevskaya Vera Krichevskaya

Director, producer. She has been working at NTV TV channel, VGTRK TV and radio company, ICTV TV channel (Ukraine) and was one of the founders of the “Dojd” TV channel (2009) working as a creative producer and a chief director. Now she is a creative producer at the «24DOC» TV channel of the world’s contemporary documentary cinema. A three-time TEFI prize-winner. The director of film “Citizen poet. Run-through of the year” of 2012.

Олег Генисаретский/Oleg Genisaretsky Oleg Genisaretsky

The chairman of the Skolkovo Open University’s experts’ council, Doctor of Sciences at art criticism, philosopher, public figure.

Пьер-Франсуа Годри/Pierre-François GAUDRY Pierre-François GAUDRY

Producer, Author and Director of Development. Over the last 7 years he has produced a large number of Science and Discovery Documentaries, including some episodes of the award-winning series ‘Squatters’ about the Microscopic Living World, ‘Hunters of the Extraodinary’, ‘Our Child is a Gorilla’, ‘Under the Sign of the Snake’ directed by Luc Jacquet… He has also developed, written and directed some of Mona Lisa’s recent productions including «Charisma in Politics, the Body Language of Politicians» between 1995 and 2000. At the Contemporary science film festival 360° she represents the special program of the Parisience Festival.

Анетт Гурдон/Annette Gourdon Annette Gourdon

One of the European Media Programme experts. She started writing documentary scripts ten years ago. In 2006, she founded Alisa Productions, continuing to develop and produce creative documentaries of international appeal. Annette Gourdon has established a special link to Eastern Europe, especially to Russia, developing co-productions with long-term partners based in Moscow. Science and history, but also social issues, arts and wildlife are the genres in which she has experienced international partnerships. Alisa productions’ advice, as a consulting company, is also much sought after, especially at the development (scriptwriting, scouting for characters & places) and the post-production stages. At the Contemporary science film festival 360° she represents the special program of the Parisience Festival.

Кристин Ле Гофф/Christine Le Goff Christine Le Goff

Christine Le Goff is an award-winning producer who has been living and working both in France and the USA since the early 1980s. Her main productions include Werner Herzog’s sci-fi fantasy The Wild Blue Yonder, the investigative feature The Origins of Aids. She executive produced Jean-Xavier Delestrade’s Murder on a Sunday Morning for HBO and France 2, winner of 2002 Academy Award for Best Feature documentary. The event documentary, Mark Daniels’ The Mysterious Disappearance of Bees broke all audience records on Arte in 2010. At the Contemporary science film festival 360° she represents the special program of the Parisience Festival.

Кристофер Кенелли/Christopher Kenneally Christopher Kenneally

Born in 1970, film director and writer. He wrote, directed and produced the documentary CRAZY LEGS CONTI: ZEN AND THE ART OF COMPETITIVE EATING, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was broadcasted on A&E and Channel-Five (UK). Chris is currently in pre-production of a narrative feature he wrote about a teenage graffiti artist in Coney Island called GREEN DOLPHIN. He is also developing an episodic series called CHEF—a dark comedy about a struggling cook in New York City’s cutthroat culinary world. At the Contemporary science film festival 360° he represents the film “Side by side”.

Екатерина Еременко/Ekaterina Eremenko Ekaterina Eremenko

Ekaterina Eremenko works as a producer, director and screen-writer. She has graduated at the faculty of mechanics and mathematics of the MSU, the department of film directing of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (the Marlen Khutsiev’s art school) and the school of documentary-making Discovery Campus Masterschool of Munich. She is the founder of «EEFilms» company («Ekaterina Eremenko Films»), the director of such documentaries as “Russian canary”, “Hunting the mammoth”, “My class”, “Colors of Math”, nominee and prize-winner at a number of international film festivals. At the Contemporary science film festival 360° she represents the film “Colors of Math”.

Адам Джонас Хоровиц/Adam Jonas Horowitz Adam Jonas Horowitz

Adam Jonas Horowitz has worked as a producer, director, writer, cameraman and editor of documentary films since 1986. He has also worked as a conceptual artist, sculptor, and public installation artist. His most recent film, 'Nuclear Savage' had its World Premiere at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) in November of 2011, where it was nominated for Best Environmental Film. It was also awarded the Jury Prize for Best Feature Length Documentary Film at the Paris International Festival of Environmental Films (FIFE), awarded a Special Jury Prize for Documentary Exposé at the Chicago “Peace on Earth” Film Festival, and was screened at the Cinema Planeta Film Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico. At the Contemporary science film festival 360° he represents the film “Nuclear savage”.

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