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Jury. Archive 2012

Виктор Косаковский/Viktor Kosakovsky Viktor Kosakovsky

Documentary film director. Born on July 19, 1961 in Leningrad. Since 1978 he worked at the Leningrad studio of Documentaries as assistant cameraman, assistant director and editor. In 1988 he finished the Higher Courses of Film Writers and Directors in Moscow. Laureate of the "Triumph" Prize, Laureate of the RF State Award and the "Nika" prize. Award-winner of numerous national and international film forums. He started his own production company, Kossakovsky Film Production, based in San Petersburg, to create a cinema with a strong focus in poetics and reality.

Венсан Лами/Vincent Lami Vincent Lami

Economist, member of Association Science and Television, the main representative of the Pariscience International Science Film Festival held in Paris. Watching more than a hundred films a year, he is a real professional in the sphere of science films and film festivals held in Europe and beyond its borders. He is also the author of several music videos, printed publications, museum programs, documentaries and a television magazine “C’est Pas Sorcier” (Nothing magical) that has been going on air in 26-minute series 5 days a week on France 3 channel for 15 years already.

Вера Кричевская/Vera Krichevskaya Vera Krichevskaya

Director, producer. She has been working at NTV TV channel, VGTRK TV and radio company, ICTV TV channel (Ukraine) and was one of the founders of the “Dojd” TV channel (2009) working as a creative producer and a chief director. Now she is a creative producer at the «24DOC» TV channel of the world’s contemporary documentary cinema. A three-time TEFI prize-winner. The director of film “Citizen poet. Run-through of the year” of 2012.

Олег Генисаретский/Oleg Genisaretsky Oleg Genisaretsky

The chairman of the Skolkovo Open University’s experts’ council, Doctor of Sciences at art criticism, philosopher, public figure.

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