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lections. Archive 2012

The math of music

There are many books both scientific literature and fiction written about mysterious connection between music and math. Widespread is the idea of impossibility of “proving harmony by algebra” (Pushkin A.S., “Mozart and Salieri”) or even if to be possible this is somehow insensitive, defective and formal. Ironically enough, it is algebra (or more precisely ratio of integer numbers defining pitch correlation) that define what we call harmony meaning some sound combinations are taken as good (harmonious) and the other are bad. The lecturer will not only show but also will give an opportunity to hear how the mathematical principles of music structure have been changing since long ago till nowadays.

“Project Nim” and the other studies of the animals’ speaking abilities

A short survey of several projects devoted to the study of anthropoid apes’ and some other higher animals’ abilities to learn the simplest analogs of human languages (interim languages) will be made in the lecture. The similarities and differences between the interim language learnt by the apes and the human language will be taken in consideration. Also a contribution of research results to nowadays conception of animals’ thought will be discussed.


The euro zone crisis is not just a result of irresponsible behavior of several governments. It demonstrates the disadvantages of the European currency union organization and urges to reconsider the consequences of introducing the common currency.

Medical ethics

Should a doctor tell a patient the previous treatment was erroneous when he sees it? May a doctor conceal his own mistakes? Is it ethical for a young specialist to argue with a professor? Is the diagnosis of death ought to be revealed to the patient? Is euthanasia legalization ought to be fought for? Are the medical researches with the results possibly harmful for people ought to be held? All these questions usually not to be discussed in public will be answered by the lecturer.

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