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Moscow City Government

platforms. Archive 2012

Политехнический музей/The Polytechnic Museum The Polytechnic Museum

The Polytechnic Museum (the Museum of Applied Knowledge), the first central educational polytechnic museum in Russia, was officially opened at December, 12, 1872. The main aim of the Museum was popularization of science in Russia. The Museum holds about 100 collections of national and international significance. The collectionsare predominantly of research and technological type, combining technical objects of similar purpose. Now about 160 excursions of different topics of science and technique are taken place in the Museum. Also the educational science center offers different types of lessons by chemistry, robotics, photography etc. The Museum performed not only the function of museum, but also played a role of the cultural and public center. The Big Lecture Hall was a favorite place for meeting for artists and celebrities. Vladimir Mayakovsky, David Burluk, Ivan Bunin,Alexander Serafimovich and others delivered speeches here. The disputes on development of contemporary arts and concerts of famous artists were held in this Hall. Also the educational science center offers different types of lessons by chemistry, robotics, photography etc. Every year the museum is visited by about 500 thousand visitors.

Российский государственный гуманитарный университет/Russian state university for the humanities Russian state university for the humanities

The Russian State University for the Humanities was established in 1991 in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of RSFSR No. 175 of 27 March 1991 on the basis of and as the successor to Moscow State History and Archives Institute. The University is authorized to conduct educational activities at the levels of higher education, extended vocational education, postgraduate training, and secondary vocational education. The University considers the following to be its key values: harmonious personality development, promoting spiritual and human qualities, enhancing capacities for understanding, decision making and critical thinking, self-fulfilment and team work; satisfaction of the individual's intellectual, cultural and moral needs via participation in the educational processes; fulfillment of the socio-economic needs of the country to have highly qualified professionals holding diplomas of secondary and tertiary education as well as research and academic faculty of utmost excellence. str. Chayanova, 15, Main Building, 227

Всероссийский государственный университет кинематографии имени С.А. Герасимова/The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK)

The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) is a federal state educational institution of higher and post-institution professional education of Russian Federation. The VGIK trains professionals in cinema, video, TV and other fields of screen art with the syllabus for higher, secondary and supplementary education. The VGIK works by traditions of professional and highly artistic approach to different fields of screen art. There is a productive system of study creative art schools in the university. The students get higher or professional secondary education. str. Wilhelm Pieck, 3

Кинотеатр "Художественный"/The “Hudojestvennyj” cinema The “Hudojestvennyj” cinema

The “Hudojestvennyj” cinema is a unique historical and artistic monument one of a kind in Russian Federation territory. It was open on 10th of November of 1909. Its building was initially projected for cinema, its interiors were made by outstanding architects, its history is a part and parcel of state’s history. The “Hudojestvennyj” cinema has resumed tradition of Russian films opening demonstrations. The center of Russian premieres is created for assistance and advance of Russian non- commercial films to the screens. There are 2 halls in the cinema. The big hall has 609 seats of comfortable modern chairs. The cozy small hall has 50 seats. The cinema is equipped with the newest conditioning system, Dolby Digital Surround EX sound system, "Kinoton" optical-projection system. Arbat Square., 14

Кинотеатр "Факел"/Fakel Fakel

After reconstruction of the “Fakel” cinema one cozy hall of 96 seats with modern facilities and comfortable chairs was open. Homely warm atmosphere reigns in foyer, the interior is made in compliance with all contemporary comfort requirement. The repertoire of the cinema includes art-house, festival films and animation, short films, opening demonstrations, auteur theory cinema and animation, anime. “Aviamotornaya” metro station, Entusiasts highway st., 15/16, phone number 362- 12-19.

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