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Moscow City Government

. Archive 2013

Каллен Хобак/Cullen Hoback Cullen Hoback

Kullen Hoback is the editor, producer, writer, director. When he was 17, he started his own public access late night TV show, but was kicked off the air after making a series of social statements that drew angry phone calls from locals. Trying to bring light to strange and unfamiliar topics became a common theme for Hoback. When he was 21, Hoback reworked the script, and in 7 days shot what would become the 55-minute FREEDOM STATE, a heartfelt comedy that follows a cast of misfits to the edge of the world. His other narrative feature is FRICTION, a film about people at a summer camp who play out a scripted tale as the line between fantasy and reality blurs. His film MONSTER CAMP (2007) received awards around the world, and was heralded by Variety as both "endearing and amusing."

Арутюн Хачатрян/Harutyun Khacahtryan  Harutyun Khacahtryan

Harutyun Khacahtryan founded “Debut” film festival. For his film “Documentalist” he received a state award of Republic of Armenia, in 2003. He founded “Golden Apricot” Yerevan International Film Festival and heads it till present. In 2009, “Golden Apricot” was awarded with “Golden Globe” by Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and in 2010, it received a “FICTS Plate D’Honneur 2010’’ award by the International Federation of Cinema, Television and Sports. Harutyun Khachatryan has the title “Meritorious Artiste of Armenia”, he is a member of European Film Academy. In 2007, Khachatryan received “Prince Claus Award”, the Netherlands, and in 2008, a title of a “Chevalier” of the Order of Arts and Letters (Ministry of Culture and Communications of France). In 2010, he was bestowed upon Rob Nilson Award from the Independent Filmmakers Alliance, USA, and the prestigious Darco Bratina Award, Italy. He is a laureate of many prominent international film festivals.

Мэттью Лиэтарт/Matthieu Lietaert Matthieu Lietaert

Matthieu Lietaert holds a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the renowned European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Previously to making THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS he was lecturer on global economy and politics at the James Madison University in Florence. With his first short documentary VOICES OF CO-HOUSING. REBUILDING VILLAGES INSIDE THE CITY he won awards at the Ekotop Film Festival in Slovakia as well as in China. Matthieu is working on new projects, such as the documentary WAKE UP EUROPE! and PAIKE. BLOGGING CHINA as well as on the cross-media project WE HAVE A DREAM ( road-movie + online-platform). His book WEBDOCS - SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR ONLINE FILMMAKERS, published in 2011, instantly became a must-read for new forms of documentary story-telling on the web. Currently Matthieu is in production for the online-project WE R DEMOCRACY, the interactive counterpart of THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS developed together with broadcaster ARTE.

Сергей Гуриев/Sergey Guriev Sergey Guriev

Sergei Guriev is Invited Professor of Sciences Po (France), Professor of Economics at the New Economic School, Doctor of Economics. Since 1998 works in the NES, 2004-2013 - as Rector.

Works by Sergei Guriev were published in Russian and international scientific journals, including the American Economic Review, American Political Science Review, Journal of European Economic Association, and others. In 2006 the World Economic Forum has included Sergei Guriev in the Young Global Leaders. In 2009 and 2010 he was included in the first hundred of the Personnel reserve of the President of the Russian Federation. Sergei Guriev serves on the boards of directors of the New Economic School, Sberbank of Russia, the Russian Venture Company, "Alfa Insurance" Foundation "Dynasty" E.ON Russia.

He is a member of the Government Commission for the Coordination of Open Government, the Advisory Board of the Institute for International Economics of Peterson and the Scientific Council of the Institute BRUEGEL.

Марк Левинсон/Mark Levinson Mark Levinson

Before embarking on his film career, Mark earned a doctoral degree in particle physics from the University of California at Berkeley. In the film world, he became a specialist in the post-production writing and recording of dialogue known as ADR. He has worked closely with such directors as Anthony Minghella, Francis Coppola, Tom Tykwer, Milos Forman and David Fincher. He is the writer/producer/director of the narrative feature film Prisoner of Time, which examined the lives of former Russian dissident artists after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and had an acclaimed premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival.

Бен Льюис/Ben Lewis Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author and art critic. Many of Ben Lewis’ feature documentaries and televised series’ are on highly topical subjects, which have provoked public debate. 'The Great Contemporary Art Bubble' stimulated an international controversy of the honesty of the art market in 2009, while 'Blowing Up Paradise: French Nuclear Testing in the Pacific" (2004) is credited with influencing the French government's decision to compensate its soldiers and citizens who suffered illnesses after working for on atomic installations in Tahiti. Most recently, Ben's documentary "Google and the World Brain" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013 in the World Documentary selection. His other new film "Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty" was shown on over 70 TV channels across the world in 2012-13.

Катарина Андерссон/Katarina Andersson Katarina Andersson

Katarina Andersson is the current Head of Museums in Vaasa region. Before that she worked as a museum expert in the management of building heritage according to the Land Use, the Building Act and the Act on the Protection of Buildings, as a responsibility of the National Board of Antiquities. Katarina is credited with numerous of book publications and the organizing of exhibitions at the Ostrobothnian museum. As the director of the Ostrobothnian museum and during the last 4 years, Katarina is actively involved in Wildlife Vaasa Festival's planning and implementation as well as the festival's international co-operation affairs. Finally this year, Katarina got involved also in film production as the executive producer and scientific advisor of a new documentary film project about Carl-Axel Setterberg, the Swedish architect who designed and rebuilt the City of Vaasa after it was totally destroyed by a fire back in 1852.

Якуб Корда/Jakub Korda Jakub Korda

Jakub Korda is director of International Festival of Science Documentary Films AFO (Academia Film Olomouc) and manager of networking project 4SCIENCE connecting area of science and media industry. He is a member of film and media department at Palacky University Olomouc, his areas of expertise are television studies and culture management. In 2012 was published his book about Czech television crime genre, he cooperates with film journal Cinepur and works as a consultant of television programme about televison called Monoskop.

Алексей Медведев/Alexey Medvedev Alexey Medvedev

Alexey Medvedev graduated from VGIK (Moscow film school). Produced and directed programs for “Channel 1”, “Kultura” and CTC TV Channels. Wrote for “Iskusstvo Kino” and “Khudozhestvenny Journal” magazines as well as for “Vremya Novostey” , “Moskovskiye Novosti” and other Russian newspapers. From 2000 to 2006, he was the member of selection committee at the Moscow International Film Festival. Alexey served as Director of Programming for 2morrow Film Festival (Moscow, 2007-2009) and “Zerkalo” (Ivanovo, 2011). Since 2010, Alexey Medvedev has been the Director of Programming for “2in1” International Film Festival . In 2012, he started to program the Sakhalin International Festival “On the Edge”.

Веса Хейнонен/Vesa Heinonen Vesa Heinonen

Vesa Heinonen worked as a school teacher for about 30 years teaching biology, geography and history. Nowadays he works at Terranova, Ostrobothnian Museum's environmental Centre of the Kvarken Area as a Nature educator and for the last 10 years as the organizer and producer of Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival. He has also worked at the festival's preliminary jury and therefore he has evaluated and assessed more than 1000 nature documentaries from all around the world. In addition Vesa has taken active part in film production as well as a script writer, scientific advisor, photographer and presenter for several films. He has also written several history books and numerous articles about Nature and Environmental Conservation. Lately he has worked as a trainer for World Heritage guides and he is managing the development of a nature-based tourism in Finland as an expert but also as an entrepreneur. Finally in connection with media education Vesa has worked with the festival's media education projects together with Ilias Missyris producing films and animations made by children and young people.

Светлана Миронюк/Svetlana Mironyuk Svetlana Mironyuk

Since 2003 Svetlana Mironyuk heads the RIA Novosti Group, a leading Russian media holding with 70-year history. Member of the Board of the Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Svetlana Myronyuk is active in community activities. She has national and state awards, recipient of numerous professional awards.

Сонья Остерхольм-Гранквист/Sonja Österholm-Granqvist Sonja Österholm-Granqvist

Sonja is a biologist and researcher chief curator and vice-director of the Ostrobothnian museum. She has been also directly involved with Wildlife Vaasa Festival from its establishment year in 2002. She’s responsible about annual exhibition programs of the Natural Science dept of the Ostrobothnian musem and Terranova, including the maintenance of the Ostrobothnia Australis collections and Wildlife Vaasa Festival where she is also a member of the preliminary Jury.

Константин Северинов/Konstantin Severinov Konstantin Severinov

Konstantin Severinov is a specialist in the field of molecular biology, professor of Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA). Currently Konstantin specializes in the regulation of transcription of bacteria genes. In Russia he is head of two laboratories: Regulation of gene expression of transposable elements of prokaryotes, the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Molecular Genetics of Microorganisms at the Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences. Laboratories are engaged in microcins and bacteriophages researches, both fields are a promising basis for the development of improved antibiotics. In addition, Severinov entered the "run command" in the organization of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and is now a professor of the Institute. Included in the Scientific and Technical Council of the Board of Directors of JSC "RUSNANO".

Дэймон Смит/Damon Smith Damon Smith

Currently Director of Acquisitions & Content Strategy at CINELAN, Damon Smith is a New York–based curator (FOCUS FORWARD, Project: New Cinephilia) and film producer with ten years’ experience in multimedia projects and new-media ventures, including at Babel Networks US, where he was Head of Programming for Film & Animation. He is also a widely published writer and cultural critic (Time Out New York, The Boston Globe, Reverse Shot) and contributing editor of Filmmaker Magazine.

Любовь Стрельникова/Lyubov Strelnikova Lyubov Strelnikova

Главный редактор журнала «Химия и Жизнь», член Экспертного совета Политехнического музея, член Международной ассоциации журналистов и Европейской ассоциации научных журналистов, вице-президент НП «Содействие химическому и экологическому образованию».

Дмитрий Смирнов/Dmitriy Smirnov Dmitriy Smirnov

Dmitry’s field of activity is traditional and ecologically friendly technologies of electrical power generation. His project on disposal of lost industrial heat named Gefest reached the final of the Cleantech Challenge 2013 competition held in London. He is the winner of student scientific and research awards of the Government of St.-Petersburg and Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg, as well as a winner of the scholarship granted by the President of the Russian Federation. His hobbies are snowboarding and learning foreign languages.

Михайлов Александр/Aleksandr Mihaylov Aleksandr Mihaylov

In April 2011, Alexander founded a student cinema club of the School of Cultural Studies called Siniy Kliuch (“Blue Key”) together with a fellow student. He is an author of critical reviews to feature films for kino-teatr.ru and rabkor.ru websites. He also writes articles for Neskuchny Sad magazine. Alexander names “estheticized feature films or intentionally transparent documentary, mathematically precise scientific films” among his interests.

Сергей Шпак/Sergey Shpack Sergey Shpack

Sergey is an excellent student, and at the same time he has enough time for his hobbies. He actively participates in public and student events. He is engaged in “Cinema Club” project of MEPhI’ Centre of Cultural Projects, participates in the University Debate League as well as in volunteer programs. He is interested in cryptography, studying foreign languages, French literature of XIX – XX centuries. His hobbies include jogging and sport ballroom dance.

Антон Ле/Anton Le Anton Le

Anton’s scientific work is devoted to studying surface plasmon polaritons that in the future will lead to a decrease in the size of microchips in computers and increase in the speed of data transmission between microcircuits. Anton takes interest in snowboarding, not just as a sportsman but also as a scientist. At the IT Formula competition held in the MSU Science Park, together with his colleagues he presented an IT project devoted to mountain skiing sports. They developed a mobile app that allows to track the movement of program participants on the slopes and at any moment learn where the friends are.

Дмитрий Пушкин/Dmitriy Pushkin Dmitriy Pushkin

Dmitry’s scientific work is a comparative study of the structure and properties of fluoride hydroxyapatite with different content of fluoride. His favorite expressions are: “to each their own”, “I know 24 ways to be successful: work, work, work…work!”. His hobbies include photography and graphic design, and he is proud of the fact that he has never disappointed his parents.

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