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Jury. Archive 2013

Арутюн Хачатрян/Harutyun Khacahtryan  Harutyun Khacahtryan

Harutyun Khacahtryan founded “Debut” film festival. For his film “Documentalist” he received a state award of Republic of Armenia, in 2003. He founded “Golden Apricot” Yerevan International Film Festival and heads it till present. In 2009, “Golden Apricot” was awarded with “Golden Globe” by Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and in 2010, it received a “FICTS Plate D’Honneur 2010’’ award by the International Federation of Cinema, Television and Sports. Harutyun Khachatryan has the title “Meritorious Artiste of Armenia”, he is a member of European Film Academy. In 2007, Khachatryan received “Prince Claus Award”, the Netherlands, and in 2008, a title of a “Chevalier” of the Order of Arts and Letters (Ministry of Culture and Communications of France). In 2010, he was bestowed upon Rob Nilson Award from the Independent Filmmakers Alliance, USA, and the prestigious Darco Bratina Award, Italy. He is a laureate of many prominent international film festivals.

Сергей Гуриев/Sergey Guriev Sergey Guriev

Sergei Guriev is Invited Professor of Sciences Po (France), Professor of Economics at the New Economic School, Doctor of Economics. Since 1998 works in the NES, 2004-2013 - as Rector.

Works by Sergei Guriev were published in Russian and international scientific journals, including the American Economic Review, American Political Science Review, Journal of European Economic Association, and others. In 2006 the World Economic Forum has included Sergei Guriev in the Young Global Leaders. In 2009 and 2010 he was included in the first hundred of the Personnel reserve of the President of the Russian Federation. Sergei Guriev serves on the boards of directors of the New Economic School, Sberbank of Russia, the Russian Venture Company, "Alfa Insurance" Foundation "Dynasty" E.ON Russia.

He is a member of the Government Commission for the Coordination of Open Government, the Advisory Board of the Institute for International Economics of Peterson and the Scientific Council of the Institute BRUEGEL.

Алексей Медведев/Alexey Medvedev Alexey Medvedev

Alexey Medvedev graduated from VGIK (Moscow film school). Produced and directed programs for “Channel 1”, “Kultura” and CTC TV Channels. Wrote for “Iskusstvo Kino” and “Khudozhestvenny Journal” magazines as well as for “Vremya Novostey” , “Moskovskiye Novosti” and other Russian newspapers. From 2000 to 2006, he was the member of selection committee at the Moscow International Film Festival. Alexey served as Director of Programming for 2morrow Film Festival (Moscow, 2007-2009) and “Zerkalo” (Ivanovo, 2011). Since 2010, Alexey Medvedev has been the Director of Programming for “2in1” International Film Festival . In 2012, he started to program the Sakhalin International Festival “On the Edge”.

Светлана Миронюк/Svetlana Mironyuk Svetlana Mironyuk

Since 2003 Svetlana Mironyuk heads the RIA Novosti Group, a leading Russian media holding with 70-year history. Member of the Board of the Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Svetlana Myronyuk is active in community activities. She has national and state awards, recipient of numerous professional awards.

Константин Северинов/Konstantin Severinov Konstantin Severinov

Konstantin Severinov is a specialist in the field of molecular biology, professor of Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA). Currently Konstantin specializes in the regulation of transcription of bacteria genes. In Russia he is head of two laboratories: Regulation of gene expression of transposable elements of prokaryotes, the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Molecular Genetics of Microorganisms at the Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences. Laboratories are engaged in microcins and bacteriophages researches, both fields are a promising basis for the development of improved antibiotics. In addition, Severinov entered the "run command" in the organization of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, and is now a professor of the Institute. Included in the Scientific and Technical Council of the Board of Directors of JSC "RUSNANO".

Дэймон Смит/Damon Smith Damon Smith

Currently Director of Acquisitions & Content Strategy at CINELAN, Damon Smith is a New York–based curator (FOCUS FORWARD, Project: New Cinephilia) and film producer with ten years’ experience in multimedia projects and new-media ventures, including at Babel Networks US, where he was Head of Programming for Film & Animation. He is also a widely published writer and cultural critic (Time Out New York, The Boston Globe, Reverse Shot) and contributing editor of Filmmaker Magazine.

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