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Moscow City Government

Student jury. Archive 2013

Дмитрий Смирнов/Dmitriy Smirnov Dmitriy Smirnov

Dmitry’s field of activity is traditional and ecologically friendly technologies of electrical power generation. His project on disposal of lost industrial heat named Gefest reached the final of the Cleantech Challenge 2013 competition held in London. He is the winner of student scientific and research awards of the Government of St.-Petersburg and Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg, as well as a winner of the scholarship granted by the President of the Russian Federation. His hobbies are snowboarding and learning foreign languages.

Михайлов Александр/Aleksandr Mihaylov Aleksandr Mihaylov

In April 2011, Alexander founded a student cinema club of the School of Cultural Studies called Siniy Kliuch (“Blue Key”) together with a fellow student. He is an author of critical reviews to feature films for kino-teatr.ru and rabkor.ru websites. He also writes articles for Neskuchny Sad magazine. Alexander names “estheticized feature films or intentionally transparent documentary, mathematically precise scientific films” among his interests.

Сергей Шпак/Sergey Shpack Sergey Shpack

Sergey is an excellent student, and at the same time he has enough time for his hobbies. He actively participates in public and student events. He is engaged in “Cinema Club” project of MEPhI’ Centre of Cultural Projects, participates in the University Debate League as well as in volunteer programs. He is interested in cryptography, studying foreign languages, French literature of XIX – XX centuries. His hobbies include jogging and sport ballroom dance.

Антон Ле/Anton Le Anton Le

Anton’s scientific work is devoted to studying surface plasmon polaritons that in the future will lead to a decrease in the size of microchips in computers and increase in the speed of data transmission between microcircuits. Anton takes interest in snowboarding, not just as a sportsman but also as a scientist. At the IT Formula competition held in the MSU Science Park, together with his colleagues he presented an IT project devoted to mountain skiing sports. They developed a mobile app that allows to track the movement of program participants on the slopes and at any moment learn where the friends are.

Дмитрий Пушкин/Dmitriy Pushkin Dmitriy Pushkin

Dmitry’s scientific work is a comparative study of the structure and properties of fluoride hydroxyapatite with different content of fluoride. His favorite expressions are: “to each their own”, “I know 24 ways to be successful: work, work, work…work!”. His hobbies include photography and graphic design, and he is proud of the fact that he has never disappointed his parents.

Игорь Шевчуков/Igor Shevchukov Igor Shevchukov

Igor is a many time winner in numerous spheres of activity – he has won Microsoft’s Cup Technical 2012 case competition, participated in the Future Today 2012 super final, is a holder of a Project management expert certificate. Igor is a member of Performance art studio, he played the part of Doctor Lvov in the Cafe Chekhov performance.

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