Canada, 2009-2014,
Director: Katerina Cizek

The Secret of the White Jailbreaker

Russia, 2011, 39 min,
Director: Vladimir Marin

Björk: Biophilia Live

США, 2014, 97 min,
Director: Nick Fenton, Peter Strickland

Jabbed: Life, Fear and Vaccines special screening on Oct 25

October 25, 12.00—Within the Contemporary Science Film Festival 360° a special screening of the film Jabbed: Life, Fear and Vaccines will be held at the Pirogovka Lecture Hall.

18.10.2014 13:02:00


Tim's Vermeer, the story of a great mystery of art, won the Grand Prix of the IV Contemporary Science Film Festival 360°.

15.10.2014 22:00:00

Primeval Putorana

October 14, 18.30-Special screening will be held at the Russian Geographical Society's lecture hall. The film is a story about the Putorana Plateau, a place that seems completely unfooted.

09.10.2014 18:08:00

Prominent Western video artists in Moscow

Special screening of auteur video art and short films at DI Telegraph.

09.10.2014 16:12:00

Competition for Festival 360° viewers

Festival 360° and international hotel chain AZIMUT Hotels announce a competition for all science movie lovers and enthusiastic travellers. Monitor the competition programme of the Festival, watch films, and maybe you will be the one to win the prize!

09.10.2014 11:59:00